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As a native of Naples, Florida, I have spent many of my days in the sun. As a Mom and Wife, I worry about protecting myself and my family from the harmful effects of too much sun exposure. One evening with friends, we discussed the daily challenges we face protecting ourselves from the sun, including our scalp and hair. I pondered the thought, “What is available”? So I set out to research products with SPF and/or UV protection for the scalp and hair. I found nothing that would protect and allow you to style your hair without looking like a greasy mess. At that moment, I said, “I am on this”.

After months of research, I consulted with a cosmetic chemist. We discussed many different avenues and decided on making ScalpForce as naturally based as possible. Learning about SPF was eye-opening. It is classified as a drug, approved by the FDA, yet; ultimately 6 of the 8 ingredients used in SPF products are considered in the high toxicity range. ScalpForce uses a UV filter along with plants and oils that provide natural UV protection and nourishment to the scalp and hair. I knew I wanted to believe in my product, but also feel good about what I was delivering to the world and our bodies. After one year of testing on my family and friends, we all felt that we had perfected the ScalpForce formula.

Laurie Nocera – Founder